Sara Fennell is a business and lifestyle coach who started as a fitness competitor and online coach, eventually pivoting into coaching trainers how to take their businesses online. I’ve photographed Sara for her business branding images so many times, including on our incredible trip to Nicaragua last year!

Claudia Baillargeon is an online coach who, much like Sara and I, single-handedly built her business from the ground up. A random Facebook message one year ago from Claudia has led to our incredible friendship. I am so honoured to call these two ladies two of my closest friends.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, Sara, Claudia, and I are what some may call over-achievers. GUILTY! We’ve worked hard to build our businesses and brands, and we love serving our clients. We laugh when we say we are “recovering people-pleasers”.

Being a people-pleaser, in essence, is not entirely a bad thing. I love and continually strive to exceed all of my clients’ expectations – this is why my business has grown, succeeded, and why I have so much referral business from existing clients. But as the saying goes, there can be too much of a good thing!

In this podcast episode, we about what it means to be a people-pleaser, why too much of this is a bad thing, and how we’ve learned to establish better boundaries and prioritize ourselves – all while continuing to serve our clients impeccably and grow our brands.

You can check out the episode on iTunes and Spotify! Enjoy!