Branding and Lifestyle Photographer | Sara Fennell | Kitchener Guelph

Sara Fennell originally started her career as a fitness competitor, model, and fitness/nutrition coach.  As an Instagram influencer she turned her passion for the fitness industry into an extremely successful business coaching other fitness professionals on how to run their businesses!

But, even more importantly, Sara strives to connect with, and empower other women from all walks of life.  She also hosts a phenomenal podcast called The Fulfillment Project where she interviews a multitude of other extremely successful professionals in an incredibly down to earth, powerful, and inspiring way.

Since we met a few years ago, Sara and I have become great friends! We recently travelled to Nicaragua together and captured some fresh branding photos for her business.  We started the photoshoot at a stand of gorgeous trees with enormous roots, then travelled into the nearby town of San Juan Del Sur for some urban/street photos, and finally caught the sunset for some gorgeous evening photos on the beach at Playa Majagual/Playa San Lorenzo.

It was an incredible trip that we had, and I am so happy that we took the time to capture these images for her business while we were there!