Kitchener Fitness Physique Photographer

Mark was working towards his first-ever fitness competition and wanted to document and celebrate his many months of hard work and dedication with a professional photoshoot! We had a great time and lots of laughs capturing these images, and I’m honoured to have been able to immortalize his hard work with this session at my Kitchener studio location.


"Whoa, major hat tip to Ema Suvajac.  I’m a middle aged lifter with the crazy idea of entering a physique show.  To commemorate my accomplishments, I decided on a photo shoot with a real local pro who specializes also in fitness photography… Ema was just a perfect fit. She had inspiring ideas for the shoot itself, obviously top-drawer equipment, a fantastic imagination, and was a ton of fun to work with to boot… After many months of serious dedication in the gym (and home gym) and incredible dietary self discipline, I knew I wanted to crown my achievements as a 47 year old with the best. Thanks Ema! I’d recommend you to anyone, even my mom." - Mark