Hello friends!

Welcome to the new Ema Suvajac Photography website! Putting together a new website has been on my to-do list for quite a while! I had been waiting to have a chunk of time to dedicate to flipping the site over to a new format, and thanks to my incredibly CRAZY work schedule this past summer and fall, that chunk of time did not become available until a few weeks ago.

Since this is a new website format, please do let me know if you encounter any bugs/glitches/bad links.  Send me a message if you do! 🙂

I intend on updating the website regularly with new work, and some throwbacks as well.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be involved in a large variety of work, and I hope to be able to showcase more of it here than I was ever able to with the previous incarnation of this site! I hope you all enjoy the new site!

Thanks for stopping by!

Feature Image: Model Laurence Diotte (Spot 6), for Chloe Magazine (Toronto)