If you’re anything like me, then being in front of the camera is probably not something you’re used to or comfortable with.  I remember the first time I had my photos done professionally…let me tell you – it was STRANGE and a wee bit unnerving being on the other side of the camera!

But the fact of the matter is, the photos that we use on social media and our business pages are our face to the world – including future customers and future friends!  So, here are my Top 5 Tips for capturing an awesome headshot!


1.  Relax!  

Most photographers aren’t using film these days, so don’t worry about “messing up a shot” with blinking or a funny face.  The delete button is very easy to press, trust me!  I go out of my way to make my clients laugh and to help them relax and have a good time – while also guiding them with poses and movement.  The process will be painless, I promise!  So take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and smile 😉 

2.  Apply more make up than you normally would

Most people who wear make up prefer to have their make up and hair done professionally, however if you’d rather do your own that’s perfectly ok!  Just keep in mind that professional studio lighting is VERY bright and will wash out most of the make up pigment that you put on.  If in doubt, apply more than you normally would – you’ll be surprised how natural it looks on camera!  And don’t forget to bring translucent powder to the studio in case you get shiny (this is a useful tip for all genders!) 

3.  Solid colours and neutrals are a sure bet

I normally recommend wearing solid colours to a headshot session, as patterns can be distracting when creating an image that should focus on that lovely face of yours.  Patterns such as plaid, fine stripes (such as seersucker) also tend to cause an unsightly effect called “moiré” in photos, so they are best avoided.  If you’d like to wear a blazer or suit jacket, do avoid ones with fine stripes.  Here’s what moiré looks like – it’s pretty harsh on the eyes, isn’t it? 

4.  Have fun with it!

I love when clients throw caution to the wind and just have some fun!  Whether this means dancing around to the music we put on or making ridiculous faces to get warmed up – I’ve got your back…and will in all likelihood be joining you (because I’m a goofball)!  

Embrace your inner child

5.  Consider your target audience when choosing your faves

After our session, I will be sending you a gallery of proofs from which you will be able to select your favourite images for retouching.  When picking your favourites do consider your target audience.  Do you want to convey authority?  Approachability? Your fun side?  If in doubt, I am MORE than happy to help you pick your best shots!  The images that you choose will be retouched for skin blemishes, hair flyaways, colour, brightness, etc., and will be provided to you as JPGs in colour and black and white by download.

And a bonus tip…

6.  Pick a great photographer!

You can do all of the above but if your photographer doesn’t know the difference between a continuous light and a strobe, or a soft box from an umbrella, then there is no amount of make up, wardrobe, or photoshop that will rescue your photos!  So choose wisely 😉

And there it is folks!  Stop by my portrait portfolio for some inspiration!  If you have any questions not covered by these tips, I am ALWAYS happy to help – so feel free to send me a message!