Fitness Photographer | Kitchener

Stacey reached out to me a few weeks prior to her first ever fitness competition looking to book a photoshoot for the next day. She had worked EXTREMELY hard building muscle and then ultimately shredding for the show, and wanted to document her hard work – as she rightfully should!

We immediately clicked by email and I couldn’t wait to work with her!  We had a ton in common.  Her competition day finally arrived and she placed 3rd! An amazing accomplishment!  The next day met at this photoshoot and had an absolute blast working together.

I love these images and as a fellow fitness and weightlifting enthusiast am so impressed by Stacey’s hard work!

Congratulations Stacey!!


"I recently booked Ema for a fitness photoshoot and I am beyond impressed with her in so many capacities.  Not only did she make me feel very comfortable, but she was friendly, kind, open-minded, full of ideas, easy-going and quick, but precise.  This woman knows her stuff.  She was on time and didn't miss a beat when we changed outfits or settings.  She came prepared and read to rock it, which she did.  I received my proofs and edited pictures in record timing, and they all blew me away.  The lighting and angles she used showcased my physique in a way that I almost didn't even recognize myself.  She's a professional that stands out from the rest and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a photographer.  Not only is she a professional photographer, but she's a down to earth incredible woman as well.  Ema, thank you for capturing such amazing pictures that I will have forever.  You're incredible!" - Stacey